BSL3 Containment Labs Testing and Certification

Containment Laboratories are designed and build to help in minimizing the level of exposure to airborne from agent manipulated in the lab, to the laboratory users, and the environment. To ensure the purpose of BSL3 Laboratory is not defeated, continuous monitoring and maintenance is paramount. An frequent tetsting and re-certification is required for continuous safe working environment. The frequency and scope of testing will depend on the type of activities conducted and the record of maintaining a safe and compliant facility. Our Engineers can help you in your facility re-certification and any fumigation of the building required.

Visual inspection of the facility including extract ductwork, fans and discharge arrangement
Check for structural defects
Carry out a negative pressure room integrity test using smoke pencils
Carry out HEPA filter in-situ filter leak test to ACDP requirement for grade H14 filters
Measure room pressure and check operation of room pressure indicators
Challenge room pressure control/alarms by simulating failure of extract systems
Review fumigation control systems
Carry out a fumigation mode room integrity test using a solid particulate challenge
Measure airflow from Filters / Grills / Safety Cabinets
Calculate air change rate based upon extract flow rates
Check calibration of pressure gauges
A full report will be issued including method statements, all results obtained, conclusions drawn against the requirements of the ACDP Guidance and copies of the calibration certificates for all test instruments used
Fumigation efficacy studies using spores strips to enumerate the kill rate achieved