Incorporated in 2015, Ecomed Scientific Ltd. is owned and managed by healthcare technology professionals with over 20 years of collective experience on procurement, services and management of medical devices and supplies.

What we do

We are distributors and suppliers of specialized clinical and laboratory technologies, as well as consumables, devices and technologies used in clinics, hospitals, dental care, emergency care, imaging, surgical, education, sports health, and agricultural research technologies.  We also provide maintenance and management services of devices we supply ranging from simple to highly specialized and sophisticated diagnostic, hospital and laboratory technologies.

Our Business concept:

The acquisition of technologies for global healthcare interventions continues to feature three major unrelenting challenges; (I) inadequate local capability to provide maintenance support, (II) the lack of consideration of after-sales maintenance support from the point of purchase and (III) the inconsistency of supply chain. These challenges, commonly existing in the sub-region, provide an opportunity for the establishment Ecomed Scientific Limited. The design of the company’s business model and its value chain is a representation of a vision to provide common solutions to these challenges.

Our Vision

“Leading the sub-region in providing diverse range of global health technology solutions”

Our Mission Statement

“To provide our customers the appropriate products they need, quality they expect, and the services they can trust”

Our Values

Integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives” 

Business strategy:

Our business strategy is aimed to steadily increase and consolidate our market share to ensuring a commanding position within the local market. With our unique pool of expertise in healthcare technology management and with our already strong network with healthcare professionals within the West Africa Sub-region, we are poised to steadily expand our presence in these countries.

Our product marketing mix will be not just to deliver products to our customers, but to ensure these products represent good values for money. This will be achieved through promoting the concept of management and maintenance support of these products to our customers at the point of purchase as well as to ensuring a sustainable supply chain. Our market positioning will include establishing home depots for all our essential supplies in the local market to facilitate sustained and timely delivery of these supplies.

To ensure we continuously remain at a sustained competitive advantage among our competitors, we will remain committed to recruiting local talents within our geographical markets, and to training to sustain our specialised maintenance and management expertise in technologies that we supply to our customers.

 Business competitiveness:

Our competitive advantage anchors on the integrated horizontal knowledge and expertise on the wide range of specialised health technologies.

We have a strong emphasis on acquiring service support capability for the various products that we distribute to our customers have provided us a competitive edge among our competitors.

This is because we potentially have the capability to become one-stop provider of healthcare technology solutions to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare supporting institutions.  

Currently there is no legally registered healthcare technology vendor in the Gambia, while the majority of healthcare technology vendors in the neighbouring have vertical knowledge and capability for supporting single lines of products.