Calibration Services

EcoMed Scientific Limited currently provide calibration services on Laboratory technologies below using instruments on standards traceable to; United Kingdom Accreditation Services(UKAS) or National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Germany Accreditation Body ( Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD)

  • Pipettes,  
  • Laboratory balances, 
  • Laboratory Incubators 
  • Water baths 
  • Autoclaves and Sterilizers 
  • Laboratory Freezers and Refrigerators 

Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets

Ecomed have competent and certified clean air service engineers that can support all your clean air technology related services.  All safety cabinets are tested to BSEN-12469-2000.  We use calibrated test equipment traceable to ISO and manufacturers standards. We provide maintenance report, service stickers and certificates after every visit per device. 

BSEN-12469-2000 & BS 5295 recommends that Biological safety cabinets and Laminar flow hoods to be certified annually. During this process or Engineers use independent calibrated test equipment to check the cabinets are performing to manufacturers standards. We do fumigation and replacement of Failed HEPA Filters. We can also help you  in sourcing Replacement Filters for your cabinets. Safety cabinets located in a BSL3 laboratory are recommended to be recertified every 6 months. 

Primary test (Mandatory)
Filter Integrity Test (D.O.P Testing)
Air Flow Measurements
Visualization Test (Airflow Pattern)
General Inspections (Environmental, Airflow displays, Alarms, Seals, Sockets, Switches, Locks markings and labels)

Secondary (Optional Test)
Operator Protection (KI Discus)
Fluorescent Light Measurement
UV Light Measurement
Electrical Safety Testing
Non-Viable Particle Testing
Viable (Microbial) Testing
Cabinet Leak Test / Pressure Decay

After-Sales Services, and contracts management

After-Sales Services, and contracts management

Our competitive advantage anchors on the integrated horizontal knowledge and expertise on the wide range of specialized health technologies.

Calibration Services

BSL3 Containment Labs Testing and Certification

Ecomed specializes in testing, certification, repair, and maintenance service of:
biological safety cabinets.
Containment Level 3 Laboratories