Medonic™️ M51

Medonic M51 is an entry-level 5-part hematology analyzer intended for the cost-minded clinical laboratory. The user-friendly design simplifies system management, and the robust software and quality hardware components ensure reliable operations. With its small footprint, Medonic M51 is well suited for the typical physician office laboratory.

Intelligent instrument design

Medonic M51 is designed to simplify work processes and give users better control of sample results and patient records. The intuitive user interface promotes smooth operation, with simple-to-understand and easy-to-navigate menus. Instrument features such as the open probe design and the selected leaning angle of the screen contribute to a comfortable working environment.

Reliable system performance

Medonic M51 provides accurate test results from small sample volumes. Reliable instrument performance is accomplished by stringent material selection and intelligent design of system components. A variety of connection options facilitate communication and exchange of data between laboratories.