Point of Care

Multi parameter system for professional use


HumaSens2.0plus multi parameter systems combine the efficiency and performance characteristics of the HumaSens2.0 glucose monitoring systems with unprecedented speed and versatility of additional total cholesterol and uric acid measurement in one hand-held instrument.

HumaSens2.0plus combines the proven reliabilitywith improved performance, auto strip identification and a strip ejection function to minimize the risk of infections.

For the measurement of:

  • Glucose
  • Uric acid
  • Total cholesterol
Performance data
ParameterMeasuring timeMeasuring rangeMemorySample volume
Glucose5 sec20-600 mg/dl3600.7 µl
Uric Acid15 sec3-20 mg/dl501 µl
Total Cholesterol26 sec100-400 mg/dl5010 µl

Starter pack*

REF 17560

    • 1 x User manual (4 languages: GB, F, E, D)
    • 1 x Quick guide (4 languages: GB, F, E, D)
    • 1 x Patient diary
    • 1 x Pouch
    • 1 x battery (CR2032)

    *Test strips and control solutions are not included.

HumaSens2.0plus Starter Set